Final News in Hawkins, Indiana

For my final project I created a 3-fold news story in the town of Hawkins from Stranger Things. I designed a magazine cover:

Made an image of the lab surrounded by news vans:

And created a recording from a Hawkins public radio viewpoint:

I chose to base the project off the next few days after the events of the Fourth of July festival for the general public of the town. I wanted to make it feel like real-life, where there would be multiple forms of media reporting on or conveying the same story. Doing it this way helped see how different forms of media all have their place and how they might report a story differently depending on their mode. Making all of the components felt a lot easier now than they did at the beginning of the course. Making the radio segment actually took me the least amount of time, which I would never have guessed earlier in the semester. Designing magazine covers continues to be one of my favorite projects from the course and I had a lot of fun making this one. I still struggle with image editing, as can be seen in the blurry lines of the vans, but I think it’s much better than when I first attempted it.

Final Project Progress

For my final project, I’m going to create a news story and campaign around Hawkins, Indiana from the show Stranger Things. I’m going to create a radio news show segment discussing some of the strange happenings going on in town and am also creating a fake newspaper front page for it, as well as writing up a news story to be ‘published’ in it.

So far I’ve gotten started on the headlines of my fake newspaper cover, which looks like this:

Weekly Summary #12

I actually enjoyed the assignments this week far more than I thought I would. Once I got an idea for the assignment it didn’t take me a very long time to put the concept into an actual project.

My assignments this week: Furby King, Holiday Mashup, and Hybrid.

My daily creates this week.

Giraffe Brain Blast

For this remix, I created a hybrid cartoon animal creature and added bad graphic design elements to it.

I used Pixlr again to easily create this monstrosity. I used Sheen from Jimmy Neutron with a giraffe because I think they look a little similar. For my bad graphic design element, I added in a phrase that doesn’t really fit the image and used a bad font and a color that doesn’t show up well in¬† the image.

Holiday Mashup

For this assignment, I created a holiday mashup picture. I used Pixlr to create, which was pretty easy to do.

I chose Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as my 3 favorite holidays to mix-up. For the background story of this picture, I imagine it being someone’s house who doesn’t remember to take down their holiday decorations until months after the day has passed. Thus we get a living room Frankenstein decorated for all 3 major holidays, without being able to tell which one it actually is.

The Furby King

For this assignment, I had to superimpose two unrelated pictures together and somehow make them mix. I chose to use a closeup of Jareth, from the ’80s movie Labyrinth, as my main ‘character.’ Since in the movie Jareth is The Goblin King, I thought a good way to remix that would be by making him The Furby King instead.

I had some trouble cutting the hard edges of the furby picture to make it look more natural, but besides that had a pretty easy time creating it.

Weekly Summary #11

For this week I had a bit of a learning curve going into it as I have never made/edited my own videos before. I used wondershare to make my videos, which was surprisingly easy to use and not as difficult as I expected it to be.

For my weekly assignments I created a commercial for Tamogotchis and a lyric video. The hardest part of both of these for me was coming up with the idea of what to do and then trying to figure out the best way to go about actually creating it. Once I got started with the assignment it usually wasn’t too hard to finish it.

My daily creates for this week.

Twinkle, Twinkle

For this assignment, I decided to create a lyric video for a classic tune known all throughout the world: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

I used powerpoint to create the lyric slides used in the video and chose a starry background to enhance the setting of the song. I got the song from FreeSound to be able to use it without having copyright getting it taken down from YouTube.

Tamogatchis of the Future

For this assignment, I created a commercial for Tamogatchi coming out in the 1990s from the viewpoint of currently being in the 1980s.

I used a free version of wondershare to create it as Windows no longer enables downloads of their moviemaker software. I used images of toys from the ’80s and illustrated them as old and outdated while then introducing the new toy, Tamogatchi. Using wondershare was prettyeasy¬† and intuitive to use, so it wasn’t difficult to put my idea into practice.

Weekly Summary #9

This week was like a nice mini-vacation from full-on ds106 class. I didn’t really have nay issues this week besides trying to come up with an idea for the final project.

Project ideas

Take 2: Voting and a Logo

Daily creates